Model CC28

6 String Acoustic / Electric
Body Type: Super Shallow C/A
Top: Laminated Spruce
Bracing: Modified X
Scale Length: 25 1/4"
Fretboard: White Bound Rosewood w/ Abalone dot inlays
Fret Inlay: Abalone Dots
Bridge: Walnut
Rosette: Inlaid Abalone
Pickup: Ovation Slimline
Nutwidth: 1 11/16"
Machines: Gold

This guitar I bought in Lithuainia in the summer 2006.
Superb guitar acoustic or plugged in.


 K. YAIRI - model no. DY62 C

This guitar was bought at Kongsberg Instruments and have earlier been used by a famous norwegian artist called Steinar Albrigsen during a couple of show. When I first tryed it I felt that this is my guitar and went home to collect my money. The day after I bought it, and I
have not regret it a second.


Montana 6-string guitar

Model: M18-5

My first guitar, strongly rebuildt since that time, now with a morgan preamp, installed on the morgan factory. It has also been on a lot of services. Today it is a good ”second guitar”, and is allways with me in concerts.

A very nostalgic guitar for me because this is the guitar I have learnd my first chords on. The sound in it has become quiet clear and perfect since the last change og chair. Even sometimes I think it sounds better then the Yairi guitar. Enjoy the sound of it when we count up for a nostalgic Twist & Shout....


Montana 12-string guitar

Model: M22-1

Bought in Chezh in 1996. Is now ready with preamp, but need some adjustments still. I did ecerything by myself, and it was the first time I used a saw on a guitar, and it scared me! But the result was professional and it works fantastic.



Model: Les Paul Custom — U.S.A. mod.

This juwel from 1964 I bought in India in 1994. It`s weight is 7,5 kilo, and is therefor not used often. When it was new it was covered with gold. When I was in Panjim I ran into a local music store and asked for guitars, the seller showed me this. It was delivered to change strings, so he could not sell it. I said I wanna buy it anyway, and he said I must have 5000 NOK for it. (they earn about 1250 NOK a year). I said OK, and got it! Since they did not have so much cash in the local bank they had to arrange a money transport for me. I still send some thoughts to that poor guy which delivered his guitar for changing strings. And I hope the dealer gave him some of the money at least...

5000 NOK is about 625 Euro.


 Fender Classic Player BAJA

Bought for band project in 2009 from Musikkbørsen in Gjøvik. I`ve always wanted a Telecaster, and for a good reason! Fantastic sound, nice neck og a classic rock`n roll look. So when the acoustic sound is too much, I plug in this beauty with a lot of fuzz! In combination with the Line 6 system it`s fun playing!


 Hondo Telecaster

My first electric guitar. Bought in Oslo around 1994, og I think it costed around 1000 kroner. It`s a cheap Japanese guitar but I thought it was tough then! I hope to catch some cool autographs on this some time... 




Model: GSR-180 BK El-bass

Just bought in january 2007. Nice bassguitar with 2 J-style microphones. Seperate volumecontrolles and a tonecontroll.

GSR4 neck body Nato body fret Medium frets bridge B10 bridge (19mm string spacing)

Colour: BK Black