When I was 14, my brother asked my parents for a guitar for Christmas, and, as I did not have any particular requests for Santa that year, I got one as well. I recall that my brother's guitar was a black Montana and mine the same type but wooden coloured. I thought the black one was much more fancy than mine, so I managed to pester my parents into getting a black one also.

I started out practicing basic material in the boys' room, so, during the first two years it was my brother that was the most advanced player of the two of us.

I kept on playing rather simple songs, but I remember that at 17 I was capable of playing "This Land is Your Land".

I was – and still am - keen on American folk music and the rock music that followed in its tracks; my heroes being great artists like Woody Guthrie, Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen. I am still hooked on this type of music and it is the kind of music that I still play today, a good 10 years later.

I got my first paid gig in 1995; I played at a garden party for NOK 300,-.

As time went by, I got more job offers, mainly for private parties. My friend Tommy Skarsten taught me really how to play the guitar and the two of us formed a band. Over the next few years we got engagements both in my hometown Kongsberg and in other towns nearby. During this time I also played with other musicians from Kongsberg and some of us playing together ended up winning the local youth cultural talent competition two years running.

I have been fortunate enough to do a bit of holiday travelling abroad and on several occasions I have bought myself yet another guitar. I managed to get hold of a 1954 Gibson Les Paul Custom whilst traveling in India; a classic blue nylon string guitar in China (we may probably discuss the quality of that one at some other time!) and a beautiful acoustic guitar in New York.

But, in spite of all the guitars I have acquired over the last few years, I've got two favourites that I usually take along on any engagement; i.e. a Yairi guitar and the old Montana that lately has been refurbished for a considerable sum of money. Both guitars are bought through the establishment Kongsberg Instrument (now sadly closed down), where its owner has provided a great customer service throughout the years I have been a patron of his shop.

Today, I usually play for the fun of it and whenever I've got the opportunity to do so – in between work and spending time with family and friends.

I'll try to keep this page up to date on gigs and happenings in case you want to come along and hear me play some time.